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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Damp Girl Productions is a female-owned video production company. We specialize in the creative development and production of short films, feature films, new media, and television- from concept, to script, to screen.


Our passion is to tell stories of the human condition; portraying the vast emotions we share openly, and the ones we try to hide. Our "why" is giving voices to, and empowering, others through storytelling.

Our Story

"Damp Girl" started as an inside joke between five friends- Allison Shrum, Kelsey Christian, Sara De La Haya, Fallon Gyurko, and Lindsey Akers- during the summer of 2021.


It was a hot summer in Tennessee and these friends were going on outdoor hikes and walks, which resulted in them becoming quite sweaty in the heat and humidity. Making a play on the popular term "Hot Girl Summer" to fit the sweaty nature they were in, "Damp Girl Summer" became the name that they called themselves.

A few months later, the "Damp Girls" started their very first short film production- Roger Must Die. It was such a success, that they all agreed to continue making films together under the Damp Girl name.

And thus, Damp Girl Productions was born...

Meet The Team

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